About the District

The District is committed to manage and protect the groundwater resources of Burnet County and to work with others to ensure a sustainable, adequate, high-quality and cost-effective supply of water, now and in the future.

The District will strive to develop, promote, and implement water conservation, augmentation, and management strategies to protect water resources for the benefit of the citizens, economy, and environment of Burnet County.

The preservation of this most valuable resource can be managed in a prudent and cost-effective manner through conservation, education, management, and permitting. Any action taken by the District shall only be after full consideration and respect has been afforded to the individual property rights of the citizens of Burnet County.

The 79th Texas Legislature (Regular Session) created the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District (the District) in 2005 by passage of SB 967 (Enabling Act) .  The citizens of Burnet County confirmed creation of the District by an election held on September 24, 2005.  The District was formed to protect the underground water resources for the citizens of Burnet County.  The District is funded through assessment and collection of ad valorem taxes.

The District is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of five members.  These five directors are elected by the voters of Burnet County and serve a four-year term.  Elections are held in November, in even numbered years and Director’s may serve consecutive terms.

The District has the rights and responsibilities provided for in Texas Water Code (TWC) Chapter 36;    Chapter 8810, Subtitle H, Title 6; Special Districts Local Laws Code and 31 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 356.  The District is charged with undertaking hydro geological studies, adopting a management plan, providing for the permitting of certain water wells and implementing programs to achieve statutory mandates.  The District has rule-making authority to implement the policies and procedures needed to manage the groundwater resources of Burnet County.