Monitor Well Network

The District has identified the development of groundwater monitoring well networks for the various aquifers within the District as a top priority project. The monitor well network is used for monitoring the water level changes to assess the current conditions of the aquifer and to record long term changes for better management and planning. The proposed plan will establish approximately 50 wells throughout the District. Our District has one major aquifer(Trinity), three minor aquifers(Ellenburger-San Saba, Marble Falls, Hickory) and at least two additional local water bearing formations(Granite, Granite Gravel).  The District monitoring well plan is a “state of the art” project.

Each month the District personnel will visit each monitor well site to download data and display hydrographs for the various monitoring well networks throughout the District.  Below is a map of the monitor wells.  By clicking each marker, it will open up more descriptions and the hydrograph of each well.

The District now has seven monitor wells on remote satellite telemetry in cooperation with the TWDB.  These wells and others across the state can be viewed at: