Stage 3-Severe Drought Adopted December 18, 2020

Groundwater District Declares Stage 3 Severe Drought Conditions

The Board of Directors of the Central Texas Groundwater Conservation District has determined the District to be in Stage 3-Severe Drought and has initiated the Severe Drought stage of the District Drought Management Plan effective December 18, 2020.

Stage 3- Requests voluntary reduction of 20% total usage and applies to all Burnet County wells and all persons or organizations, public or private, owning or operating wells within Burnet County, regardless of purpose of use, size, capacity, date drilled, ownership, or the exempt or non-exempt status of a well.

Below average rainfall causing severe drought conditions and declining water tables in all aquifers located in the District, have resulted in the need for conservation to reduce the impact on the aquifers.  For more drought information and up-to-date measurements of monitor well levels and springflow, please visit